BRM Yellow Popcorn

Quantity: 850 gms
Sale priceQAR 25.00


Bob's Red Mill Yellow popcorn is a gluten free, Non-GMO, fiber-rich snack that is incredibly versatile. We don't add any salt, oil, or strange chemicals you find in microwave popcorn - this bag is just pure, single-ingredient, yellow popcorn. Did you know you can make it in the microwave too? It's true! Just place the kernels in a small paper bag and microwave on high until you count 3 seconds between pops. We love getting creative with popcorn around the mill - try it sweet, spicy, Smokey, salty, or savory.

Ingredients: Whole Grain Yellow Corn.

Quantity: 30 oz

Allergen Information: May contain tree nuts.

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