BRM Whole Grains & Beans Soup Mix

Quantity: 737 gms
Sale priceQAR 29.00


Our Whole Grains and Beans Soup is a hearty blend of beans, seeds and whole grains including: small red beans, pinto beans, lentils, whole oat groats, brown rice, triticale berries, rye berries, hard red wheat, pearl barley, Kamut® Khorasan wheat, buckwheat groats and sesame seeds.

Ingredients: Small Red Beans, Pinto Beans, Lentils, Whole Oat Groats, Brown Rice, Triticale Berries (Wheat), Rye Berries, Hard Red Wheat, Pearl Barley, Kamut® Khorasan Wheat, Buckwheat Groats And Sesame Seeds.

Quantity: 26 oz

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