MERIDIAN Banoffee Pie Almond Butter 170g

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To create our take on this classic homemade dessert, we’ve combined our smooth Almond Butter with scrumptious banoffee pie flavors; banana and toffee. This perfect partnership of almond butter and natural flavors has been sweetened with agave and tastes amazing when added to fruit, smothered over warm toast or simply eaten straight from the jar.

We've even created a delicious Chocolate Banoffee Pie recipe for lovers of an indulgent dessert! High in vitamin E and fibre, containing around 20% protein and low in saturated fat, our Almond Butters are perfect for maintaining a healthy diet.

Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets, naturally gluten and dairy free with no added sugar or salt. Our plant-based nut and seed butters are made without palm oil because we care about the environmental impact it can have.

We’re proud that all our range has been certified palm oil free by POFCAP.

Oil separation is natural and can be simply stirred back in.

Ingredients: Roasted Almonds (71%), Agave Syrup, Shea Nut Butter, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Butter, Natural Flavourings

Quantity: 170 gms

Packaging Style: Glass jar

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