MR ORGANIC Italian Tomato Puree 200g

Quantity: 200 gms
Sale priceQAR 13.00



Organic Tomato Puree
- Organic & Natural
- Produced in Italy
- Zero Air Miles
- No Citric Acid
- No Added Salt or Sugar
- Vegan Friendly

Our rich puree is concentrated for a deep, tomatoey flavour with juicy, sun-ripened Organic Italian tomatoes. All our tomatoes are grown with care by 3rd generation tomato producers at our own Organic farm in Pontonia, Italy, and packed within a few hours of harvest, keeping their flavour and freshness fully intact.

Organic & Natural, No Citric Acid, Gluten Free, Zero Air Miles, No Added Salt or Sugar, Produced in Italy, Vegan Friendly

Ingredients: Italian Organic Tomatoes

Quantity: 200 gms

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