Raspberry & Blueberry Baby Rice Cakes

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Our organic raspberry and blueberry rice cakes are made with raspberries, blueberries and puffed rice. In a mini size, our baby rice cakes make the perfect baby finger food and toddler snack. We only use organic rice, which we gently puff into chunky circles, perfectly sized to grab, hold and munch. They’re fun to explore and play. All we add is real blueberry and raspberry juice to each rice cake. Suitable for 7+ months. 
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ingredients: Rice: 85.2% Apple juice concentrate: 9.5% Raspberry juice concentrate: 3.0% Blueberry juice concentrate: 2.2% Vanilla extract: <0.1% Thiamin (vitamin B1*): <0.1% TOTAL: 100%. *Thiamin (vitamin B1) has no organic certification.
Gluten free. No added salt or sugar. No artificial colours or flavours.

Quantity: 50 gms.

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