Schär Gluten-free crumble cake mix

Quantity: 450 gms
Sale priceQAR 32.00


Mix Crumble Cake

Just three fresh ingredients and a little love for detail

The soft, friable dough, the juicy apple filling and sweet, crunchy topping tastes just like the original: IRRESTIBLE! You and your friends will love it!

100% gluten-free flour mix, the perfect base and crunch for a cake you will never want to miss again.

A sweet temptation for you and your friends!


maize starch , maize flour , raw cane sugar , rice flour , whole rice flour , raising agents: monopotassium tartrate , sodium bicarbonate ; quinoa flour , modified tapioca starch . May contain traces of soya . LACTOSE-FREE. WHEAT-FREE.

Quantity: 450 gm

Storage Information: Store in a cool & a dry place.

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