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Red Lentil | Penne Pasta | Pasta
Doves Farm Doves Farm Free Red Lentil Penne Pasta Org GF
Sale priceQAR 10.50 Regular priceQAR 21.00
Save 71%
Doves Farm | Maize - Rice | Lasagne
Doves Farm Doves Farm Free Maize & Rice Lasagne Org GF
Sale priceQAR 5.00 Regular priceQAR 17.00
Save 50%
Fusilli Pasta | Gluten Free | Pasta
BIONA Spelt Asia Noodles White Organic 250gBIONA Spelt Asia Noodles White Organic 250g
BIONA Organic Wholegrain Spelt Spaghetti 500gBIONA Organic Wholegrain Spelt Spaghetti 500g
ORGANIC Wheat Asia Noodles White 250gORGANIC Wheat Asia Noodles White 250g
BIONA Organic Spelt Spaghetti White 500gBIONA Organic Spelt Spaghetti White 500g
BIONA White Spelt Fusilli 500g
BIONA White Spelt Penne Organic 500gBIONA White Spelt Penne Organic 500g
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Doves Farm | Tortiglioni Pasta | Organic & Gluten Free
Doves Farm Doves Farm Brown Rice Tortiglioni Organic & Gluten Free
Sale priceQAR 9.00 Regular priceQAR 18.00
Whole Rice Gluten Free Filini 250g
Organic Whole Durum Wheat Semolina Filini 500g
Doves Farm | Brown Rice Pasta | Penne Pasta
BIONA Penne Wholemeal Spelt 500g
BIONA Wholewheat Spelt Fusilli Org 500g
BIONA Spelt Lasagne Sheets - Organic 250gBIONA Spelt Lasagne Sheets - Organic 250g

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