Organic Food  Chemical free food, Organic food benefits, Reasons to eat organic, Advantages of organic food

Advantages of organic food:

   Organic Food  Chemical free food, Organic food benifits, Reasons to eat organic, Advantages of organic food

Are you picking the right food options at the supermarket that are healthy for you and your loved ones? Foods seem the same, and it is difficult to differentiate between good and bad choices. Choosing foods that are the best for you from amongst a wide variety can be a tough decision.

Consumers are searching for reasons to opt for healthier food choices and wish to gather more information about the source of the food and

the way it is produced. Regardless of what you choose, organic food options are a healthy and smart priority. Choosing organic food items is better for individuals and the planet’s health. Organically grown food is Chemical free food, filled with ample nutrition, good to taste, and brings in immediate health benefits. Organic food thus turns out to be a healthy choice due to the below-mentioned top 10 reasons.

Organic food benefits:

   Organic Food  Chemical free food, Organic food benifits, Reasons to eat organic, Advantages of organic food

The main advantages of organic food are many, but let us discuss the top ten reasons why you must eat organic food.

The Reasons to eat organic food is that Organic food items are produced using chemical-free farming methods. Typically, organic farming involves biological, cultural, and mechanical measures to grow food that involves optimum use of resources, maintaining the ecological balance, and promoting biodiversity. There is absolutely no use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic food is not processed using any chemical solvents or food additives. We know that the chemicals used while farming can be toxic and lead to the development of hormone dysfunction, cancer, and cause skin, eyes, and lung disease. Opting for organic food choices is an intelligent choice as the long-term consumption of industrial produce can be harmful. So here are the top 10 reasons to eat organic food rather than opting for chemically produced food.

  1. Avoid the use of chemicals

The advantages of organic food are that it avoids the use of chemicals and pesticides that are otherwise used in commercially grown food. It has been estimated that a person consumes about 15 pounds of pesticides each year, and there are over 600 chemicals registered for use in commercial agriculture. These chemicals prove to be a great hazard to individual and planetary health.

  1. Organic food has more nutrients

Organic food benefits also include the presence of more nutrients. Organic foods have better nutritional value as they contain more vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and micronutrients that keep the mind and body healthy. This is because organic food is grown using responsible and standard practices in comparison to commercially grown foods. The nutritional value of organic food items is way more than conventionally grown vegetables, fruits, and grains. It has been researched and verified that organically grown vegetables provide a lot more vitamin C in comparison to conventionally grown vegetables. Organic foods have almost 20% more iron, 25% more vitamin C, 13% more phosphorus, and 30% more magnesium.

  1. Organic food tastes better

The taste of organic food is much better than that of conventional food items. Organically grown foods are grown in better-nourished and balanced soil, which leads to the production of healthy plants that taste better. Organic food brings in far more taste, even though it may not be as good in appearance.

  1. Organic food avoids GMO   
   Organic Food  Chemical free food, Organic food benifits, Reasons to eat organic, Advantages of organic food

Genetically engineered and modified organisms contaminate food at an alarming speed. Organic food cannot be modified genetically, so the advantages of organic food include that such foods are always safe to eat. It is a surety that organic foods will never be genetically engineered and so can form a healthy part of your diet.

  1. Organic food preserves the ecosystems

Organic food is produced in a way that supports the ecosystem and is in harmony with nature. It is a great way to preserve the soil and practice healthy practices like crop rotation to keep the soil healthy and chemical-free. It is a great way to preserve the planet. Organic food production also aids in the reduction of water and soil pollution. The Advantages of organic food production also include the fact that there is zero use of pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers that contaminate the environment, cause pollution in water supplies, and deplete the fertile land quality. Organic food can be grown under certified organic standards that do not allow the use of any toxic chemicals and does proper management to keep the soil healthy, thereby aiding in biodiversity.

  1. Organic food production leads to higher yields
   Organic Food  Chemical free food, Organic food benifits, Reasons to eat organic, Advantages of organic food

The advantages of organic food production also include the fact that organic farmers produce higher yields even in unfavorable conditions like drought or dry climates. Organic food production makes the soil retain more moisture and makes it less compact, which allows the roots to dig deeper to get proper nutrients and water.  

  1. Organic food production can take care of food deficits

It has been studied that organic food production led to a massive increase in yields and the farmers saw a significant reduction in crop diseases and pests, which led to better crop diversity. The nutritional content of the crop also improved. Organic fields produced about 4-5 times more produce than chemically grown crops.

  1. Organic food reduces the danger of diseases

It has been observed that eating organic vegetable and fruits help fight dreading diseases like cancer and create immunity against such disease. The reason is that since organic food is not grown using pesticides and chemicals, they do not have to fight the bugs that come due to the use of pesticides, so such crops produce less salicylic acid that is later passed on to the consumer. It reduces the risk of dreaded diseases and keeps you healthy.

  1. Organic food production prevents climate change

Soil not treated with hazardous chemicals is full of living creatures that carry carbon. This helps to improve soil fertility tremendously. Unlike non-organic produce, organic food items keep toxins away. There are fewer toxins in the air, soil, and water. Farmers do not get exposed to chemicals and pesticides, and they also reduce the harmful emissions. Organically managed fields have more organic carbon. The carbon present in the soil helps to prevent climate change globally.

  1. Organic food is better for overall health
   Organic Food  Chemical free food, Organic food benifits, Reasons to eat organic, Advantages of organic food

Organic food does not use any chemical fertilizers. They are produced without any traces of chemicals, and the human body is not impacted negatively. It has been observed that genetically modified food causes a reduction in immunity and strength and leads to increased mortality. Thus, the advantages of organic food also include the fact that they are the best for the overall health of an individual.


So what are you thinking? It is time to go organic now! Organic food is not only healthier for humans but also great for the environment. Reduce the use of chemically grown food items, as these products harm an individual's health and the environment. Go organic and enjoy the benefits of Organic foods.  

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