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Showing 1 - 48 of 82 products
Dark Chocolate Brazils Nuts | Chocolate Brazils Nuts
Chocolate Coated Raisins | Chocolate Raisins | Coated Raisins
Biona Organic Milk Chocolate With Almonds
Biosaurus - Chips | Cheese Snacks BIOSAURUS Cheese
McLloyds BIOSAURUS Cheese
Sale priceQAR 11.00
Rude Health | Peanut BarRude Health Peanut Bar
Crackers | Multigrain Crackers | Organic Crackers Rude Health Organic Multigrain Crackers
Biosaurus - Chips | Sea Salt - SnacksBIOSAURUS Sea Salt
McLloyds BIOSAURUS Sea Salt
Sale priceQAR 11.00
Biona jelly dinos, Biona organic
Biona Biona Organic Jelly Dinos
Sale priceQAR 11.45
Biona Organic Fruit Burst | Fruit Burst
Biona Biona Organic Fruit Burst
Sale priceQAR 11.45
Save 47%
Tortillas | Tortilla Chips | Cheese TortillaKIMIFINNE Organic Cheese Tortillas
McLloyds KIMIFINNE Organic Cheese Tortillas
Sale priceQAR 4.00 Regular priceQAR 7.50
Pasta | Organic PastaBIOSAURUS Pasta
McLloyds BIOSAURUS Pasta
Sale priceQAR 18.00
Save 49%
BOPS Red PepperBOPS Red Pepper
McLloyds BOPS Red Pepper
Sale priceQAR 9.00 Regular priceQAR 17.75
Organic | Crunchy Berry | GranolaRude Health Organic Crunchy Berry Granola
Crackers | Organic Crackers | Buckwheat Crackers Rude Health Organic Buckwheat Crackers
Ashwaganda Mango Ball 22g
Apple chips 50 g
Smart Organic Apple chips 50 g
Sale priceQAR 21.00
Quinoa Snack Sea salt 50g
Quinoa Snack Pizza 50g
Save 48%
McLloyds LOVE Cheese & Jalapeno
Sale priceQAR 6.00 Regular priceQAR 11.50
Bops | Sour Cream - Onion Potato Chips BOPS Sour Cream & Onion
McLloyds BOPS Sour Cream & Onion
Sale priceQAR 17.75
BOPS Sea SaltBOPS Sea Salt
McLloyds BOPS Sea Salt
Sale priceQAR 17.75
Rude Health Puffed Wheat | Puffed WheatRude Health Puffed Wheat
Organic | Honey Spelt Puffs | PuffsRude Health Organic Honey Spelt Puffs
White choqo drops 200 g
Mylky choco drops 200 g
Dark choco drops 200 g
Chocolate drops without added sugar 200 g
Pink drops 200 g
Smart Organic Pink drops 200 g
Sale priceQAR 50.00
Pralines with peanut butter filling 39g
Pralines with hazelnut butter filling 39g
Pralines with hazelnut butter filling 39g
Pralines with almond butter filling 39g
Chocolate covered Hazelnuts 40g
Chocolate covered Almonds 40g
Organic Chocolate and Hazelnut protein Bar 40g
Sour cherry bar covered with white glaze 30g
Strawberry bar covered with pink glaze 30 g
Coconut Chips with French Sea Salt 40g
Coconut Chips with Cacao 40g
Coconut Chips with Chili 40g
Choco chip Matcha ball 22g
Seed Crackers Wholegrain with Coconut oil 150g
Colorful dragees with dark chocolate filling 70 g
Quinoa Crackers Turmeric and Cumin 100g

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