What Is Organic?

Produce that has not been cultivated with pesticides or other chemicals is considered organic.


What makes organic products unique?

How they are cultivated and processed determines how organic products differ from conventional (non-organic) foods. Frequently, chemicals are sprayed on conventional produce. These substances frequently leave a residue on (and even in) our food. On the other hand, organically cultivated food is free of harmful toxins and their residue.

Why should I believe in organic certification?

Strict guidelines and processes support the mark of organic certification. Inspections and evaluations are conducted annually to ensure farmers and producers are following the rules for organic agriculture. It's a formal process that shouldn't be regarded casually. We trust that this compilation of inquiries and responses has given you a clearer knowledge of organic food.

I've heard that organic foods taste better. Is it real?

Although there isn't concrete proof, certain individuals believe that organic food tastes better because the ingredients are fresher and frequently grown locally.

How do you increase immunity?

Your health and immunity are improved by eating organic food. A variety of products from OrganiQme are available to help increase immunity, including Goji berries, ginger powder, immunity mix, and many others. Each of these is brimming with immunity-boosting qualities that support detoxification, and so improve health. Check out a variety of foods that boost your immunity.

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