MERIDIAN Korma Cooking Sauce - Gluten Free 350g

Quantity: 350 gms
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This rich Korma sauce is a perfectly balanced blend of Meridian almond butter and coconut, tomato and spices.
Simply fry your vegetables, tofu or Quorn. Pour over our Korma cooking sauce and stir well. Simmer until fully coated and serve with rice.
Free from Gluten, Dairy and Palm Oil and suitable for vegans and vegetarian diets.


Water● Coconut Cream (20%)● Demerara Sugar● Tomato Paste (Tomato● Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid)● Onions● Almonds (3%)● Ground Spices (Coriander● Cumin● Cinnamon● Clove● Black Cardamom● Green Cardamom● Garlic● Ginger● Star Aniseed● Bay Leaves● Turmeric● Onion Powder● Chilli)● Modified Maize Starch● Garlic Puree● Salt● Lemon Juice Concentrate● Coriander Leaf● Ginger Puree● Flavouring: Garam Masala.

Quantity: 350 gms

Packaging Style: Glass bottle

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