Why is Organic Food the Key to Sustainability?

Organic food has become the most significant part of today's environmental challenges. The organic principles of ecology & health apply to every living being and ecosystem on this planet.

The change in climate is becoming threatening to our potential to ensure food security and achieve sustainability. We are experiencing greenhouse gas emissions from various human activities, and that ultimately leads to the rise of global temperatures. So, to combat this situation, growing organic food and buying organic items is the key solution. There are people who buy organic foods online in Qatar because they are mainly concerned about chemical residue, health impact, and pesticides. However, it is crucial to understand what you eat because food choice always impacts our health and lifestyle. With more realisation, the consumption of fresh and organic food has grown.

So, if you want to know how organic food is the key to sustainability, read this blog. We have outlined four major reasons why going organic benefits society and our environment.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is based on the principle that farming should be a natural component of the cycle. It preserves biodiversity, improves the soil, keeps it alive, and makes farming sustainable rather than exploiting it. It is a farming strategy that controls pests, weeds, and diseases using only natural pesticides and fertilisers. It denotes the cultivation of plants without the use of synthetic fertilisers, harmful pesticides, genetic modification (GM), and ionising radiation.

Organic Farming Creates Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is a prerequisite for growing healthy food, but you won't obtain that if you treat the soil with dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Chemical soil management is not the answer, and the soil will not be able to flourish as a result. Natural farming methods are significantly superior, and it has been shown that organic farming results in the creation of organic soil that is beneficial for the environment.

Supporting Animal Welfare and Health

Since natural habitats such as birds, fish and other creatures suffer a lot from conventional farming practices, contrarily, organic farming enables other natural predators and birds to live contentedly on farmland and aid in pest control. This helps protect natural habitat regions. It has been shown that animals that are raised on organic farms are exposed to chemical-free, clean grazing, which maintains them naturally healthy and resistant to disease.

Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Agriculture and food production play a significant role in the threat of climate change and the emission of greenhouse gases. Despite varying estimates, it has been claimed that agriculture and food production are responsible for one-third of our nation's greenhouse gas emissions, with agricultural output and food production accounting for the "lion's share" of emissions.

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Less Soil and Water Pollution

Two significant issues today are soil and water contamination, and the production of non-organic foods undoubtedly contributes significantly to these issues. According to a study, about one-third of the world's soil has already been damaged by "chemical heavy" farming methods and deforestation, which worsen erosion and contribute to global warming. Soil is such a vital resource for creating food; according to a study, developing just 3 cm of topsoil takes 1000 years!

It's Time to go for Organic Items

In the end, it is important to maintain a balanced diet with the right proportions of protein, carbs, fat, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. But at the same time, it's crucial to consider how your food choices affect the environment. So, if you want to support sustainability by buying fresh and organic food, Visit OrganiQme. Whether you want organic rice, pulse, or Healthy snacks products online, we provide a wide range of food items at the best price.
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